Blue Museis a full multi-media services company specializing in Blu-ray/DVD authoring and replication, Video/Audio Processing and software development as well as DVD system integration. With the state of the art equipments and years of experience in DVD and Blu-ray manufacturing and authoring, We now provides the service of BD-Live with Blu-ray discs, which end users can use the internet to extend their movie viewing experience through downloaded content and advanced interactivity. BD-Live enabled Blu-ray discs have features such as online chat, trivia games that end users can play with others watching the same movie, exclusive downloadable content, and other online bonus features.

Our experienced team of multi-media professionals, video/audio engineers, software developers and client managers are prepared to ensure your project receives the highest quality for your dollar. With years of experience, our company has grown to be a definitive source in Blue-Ray/DVD, multi-media and software development services. Our experts understand your goals and are prepared to offer you the most efficient, cost-effective solutions to satisfy any company. Our motto is to deliver the innovative, reliable technologies and yet most cost effective solution to our customers.

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