With the state of the art equipments and years of experience in DVD manufacturing and authoring, Blue Muse now provides the Blu-ray authoring service and BD-Live function with fully interactive menus.

We offer Blu-ray replication through a combination of high tech replication facilities. Our motto is to deliver the innovative, reliable technologies and yet most cost effective solution to our customers.

With our DVD, DVD-ROM, hybrid DVD, Blu-ray authoring & premastering services. We can implement every feature of DVD and Blu-ray technology, using professional-grade equipments.

We offers a complete line of Blu-ray replication services and distribution service including pre-mastering and verification, mastering, label printing, printing for manuals & booklets, packaging and fulfillment.

Want to have your own DVD system? Our professional experts will help to set up DVD systems just for your needs, from broadcasting level to personal uses.

We offer complete Video/Audio services for Video/Audio processing, format converting, encoding/decoding, digital non-linear editing, titles, animation & graphics, royalty free music, custom scoring, and professional voice over talent. We provide services to encode digital video/Audio for Internet and LAN application in Window, REAL and QuickTime Media format.

Our Multi-media oriented application development service provides ground-breaking custom software solutions from Video/Audio Processing, Compressing and Storing to website presentation.

Our Embedded Software developers provide just the right combination of architectural, design, prototyping, testing, and certification services to help our clients speed embedded products to market.


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